Rise to Excellence with Year-End Appeals


Do you know the secret to a successful year-end appeal?

I do because I love Nonprofits. I have volunteered, served, directed and launched many year-end fundraising campaigns in my forty-year career. All too often–I witness how many nonprofits, ministries and 501c3 organizations miss their opportunity to finish the year strong.

While most companies and organizations are tying up loose ends and ramping down– nonprofits should be ramping up for the single biggest solicitation opportunity to procure revenue support for their 501c3.

• What is your organization doing to reach out to your supporters?

• When was the last time your inclusive ministry highlighted your work?

• How are you capitalizing on seeking year-end donations from major donors?

• When was the last time you tapped n to a corporate giving programs?

I have witnessed Development Directors and Executive Directors over-think year end appeals and do very little or blast ad nausea without much thought. This is the time to gear up and push past the finish line of fundraising and make the most of year-end fundraising appeals.

People and Companies are generous at year-end

The holidays are a magical romantic time filled with compassion and generosity. People and organizations give generously to charities at the end of the year not only to satisfy their generous heart but to also seek viable tax exemptions. For small and large corporate businesses bookkeeping on a traditional calendar year, the last quarter is the perfect time to spend down their corporate-giving budgets. Companies look for charitable-giving opportunities and/or sponsorships/memberships to their favorite tax deductible 501C3 or wise stewards of hard-earned seed money. Donors also seek honorable charities that are successfully fulfilling their mission and collaborating with other charities. Have you shared your organization’s story? What are you highlighting in your year-end appeal?

Most individuals become reflective about their charitable giving at the end of the year and are seriously considering how to support their favorite and or new charities so— how specifically are you reaching out to them? 501c3’s, educational institutions and ministries should be making their most significant year-end fundraising appeals right now otherwise you will be missing out on important fundraising revenue.

Rise to Excellence can help with year-end solicitations
Rise to Excellence can get you moving in the right direction.
We can coach both simple and advanced year-end strategies to get you moving in the right direction. Procrastination and doing what you have always done may not be your best strategy this year especially if you are concerned about 2018 first quarter revenue. Try something new—try something bold. Rise to excellence will be able to size up your greatest fundraising potential and get you moving in the right direction almost immediately. I will be happy to share our secret to the most successful year-end fundraising appeals.

I invite you to visit our website atwww.risetoexcellence.com or
Email: Elizabeth@risetoexcellence.com

Elizabeth Asahi Sato, Founder, Senior Consultant


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