My prayer for Mother Earth

Mother earth paquette

artwork (c) Aaron Paquette (Metis Nation)

Nature’s birds are my alarm clock. I overslept this morning because I did not hear their song. I usually awaken before sunrise but there were no birds singing, in fact all of the animals were silent. Perhaps it was the dark grey almost black skies filled with smoke and ash. Maybe it was the suffocating atmosphere that has rendered so many of us sentient beings ill.

I opened the shades in the kitchen peering out the window disappointed the smoke had not dissipated. How long will this last? Its been two months of one wildfire after another breaking out in fury exchanging oxygen for dangerous carbons. I filled a glass with clean tap water as I routinely do wondering how long it will be before our water supply is contaminated? I treasured every last drop feeling overwhelmed from all of the recent disasters that seems to be escalating at an exponential clip. I started with my morning devotions lifting in prayers those up who were suffering, anguished and afraid.

In the blink of an eye any one of us could face a hurricane, earthquake, drought, famine, flood or fire.

My soul shuddered. Mother Earth is furious.

We have not heeded her repeated warnings nor respected her delicate balance. She has provided us with bountiful clean water, beautiful lands and pristine lakes to enjoy. Our gorges are filled with inexplicable wonders and our mountains share freely vital resources and joyous respite.

Just how much evidence and how many warnings do we need?

When will we fully comprehend we were choking her oceans with our trash? How many beautiful creatures of the sea do we have to videotape on our iPhones regurgitating toxic trash their bellies before we believe? What have we learned– better yet what have our children learned from our example?

When young teens mockingly throw fireworks for entertainment down a dry thirsty ravine defiantly igniting a fire that incinerates overnight what took Mother Nature centuries to lovingly create when will this get real for humanity?

Please tell me what was the straw that broke our precious earths back? What tipped the scale unleashing four hurricanes traveling at record speed to first Texas and now Florida where our nations Electoral College president-elect covets his most prized possession? Is this his fault? Was it his arrogant mocking of what credible scientists have been predicting for decades? Was it his absurd announcement yanking our nation from participating in meaningful collaboration with other nations desperately trying to reverse our inconsiderate actions? Is Mother Earth simply pissed-off at the lackadaisical efforts to genuinely recycle, repurpose and reuse to minimize man made pollutants that desecrates her beauty that angers her? Is Mother Nature simply fed up with our inability to see all she provided was for our own sustenance and pleasure?

How will we breathe? What will we eat? Where will we find fresh water to drink? What will be our shelter? This morning not only did climate change become very real for me, but the spiritual consequence of being ungrateful for the miraculous bounties of nature have awakened every fiber of my soul.

I can understand if you have never stood on a mountain top peering down on all the magnificence that graces our environment or if you never had the opportunity to be refreshed by the satiating taste of fresh water from a mountain stream or swam in pristine lakes. Yes– perhaps one would understand the disconnect. But if you have traveled across our glorious oceans to places equally as exquisite or been enriched by the many flavors of our earth’s bounty. I truly do not understand why we humans hesitate.

Brothers and sisters if you have watched an Eagle soar as I have, enjoyed a gorgeous sunset as I have or the magic of a sunrise as I continually pray to see– I beg of you–now is the time to act.

I am wondering now if my life focus has been for naught. I have spent a life time serving as a change-agent for social justice, a servant of the greater good but I have never ever been the steward I should have been to prevent this devastation. Please, hear my heart, now– not tomorrow we must protect what left we have to survive, thrive and appreciate. Let us show our gratitude to our Mother Earth by doing all we can to protect, preserve and to promote the care of our earth so nearly irreparably wounded by our carelessness and even our denial. Climate change is very real; our environment has been impacted dramatically.

I am no expert, I am not a scientist but I do genuinely feel the heartbeat of our Mother Earth who has cared for our ancestors and who has graced our children and grandchildren with her very best. Mother Nature has never fully succumbed to man’s greed or disregard but I sense she will do everything she can to survive even if she must wash her body clean of the abuse and intentional infliction of ingratitude.

My prayer is that we  do all we can together to demonstrate appreciation for our Earth, starting today– let us encourage reverence for her resources and teach our young to respect her vulnerabilities by restoring the delicate balance that nurtures her restorative soul. Thank you Mother Earth for all you have provided. Thank you for your patience and mercy. Love our Mother Earth. Love our planet. Love humanity.

Deeply concerned regards,

Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato


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