Eclipsing Forward With Hope- a prayer for humanity 


I got so emotional during the Eclipse.

It seems my spirit was overcome with the realization that all across our nation people, brothers and sisters– from many nations around the world were viewing a rare celestial event. We were all looking up and I was secretly hoping for a sign from the heavens that would cleanse and recalibrate all sentient beings.

The human family has been so disconnected as of late. There is so much turmoil, hatred and discord that one begins to feel numb from the repeated shock of the latest reported act of violence or death.

Thousands of people traveled to our little town in central Oregon where the path of totality made eclipse viewing a rare treat. The temperature dropped significantly as darkness descended and a piercing quiet enveloped the earth sending chills throughout my body.

Instantaneously, I could hear hundreds of voices expressing awe in unison at the moment the sun disappeared behind the moon. The Corona was shockingly magnificent and much too powerful to forget.

Tears filled my eyes as I sensed this was more than just a rare celestial event. I felt as if the eyes of our ancestors were looking back at us through the stars as we gazed upon the heavens. I wanted to connect with them even if for a moment.

Perhaps the magnificent Dine people of the Navajo nation got it right. Maybe this exchange between the moon and the sun should not be observed directly but revered in silent contemplation. For a brief moment– I thought my time may have been better spent in solitude and prayer because my soul has become increasingly troubled for our nation and for our world.

I decided to be the Rising Sun that Creator made me to be, to do something positive and proactive even if only Creator heard my heart. This is my prayer: “Creator of all sentient beings and this beautiful home we call earth–as we gaze collectively at the powerful sun being shadowed by the mysterious moon let us all recognize how precious our planet. Let us realize how exceptional her four legged creatures, how resilient her two legged beings, how magnificent her winged ones who soar our skies and how graceful her mammals that protect the seas. May this moment of collective awe bring us closer together not only for this momentous occasion but even closer from this universal transition forward. Let us find renewed joy in working collaboratively on behalf of humanity and to respect the intricate connection between all living things. Creator of many names– we humans have the capacity to do many good things in each of our lifetimes–please let it be so!

Amen. <3 Rising Sun

#risetoexcellence #bekind

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