This morning I am in deep contemplation about many things. In fact, I burned my breakfast toast not once, not twice but three times–how that happened– I have no idea. I always thought toasters had built in timers but perhaps I am not in the present but suspended in time?

I am deep in thought momentarily residing in faraway places reflecting about the past still so fragrant and vivid in my memory. I was feeling and thinking about the Japanese word natsukashii. It is such a perfect word. There are simply some words and phrases that do not translate well in to the English language. This concept is special–let me try to explain. I have been natsukashii all morning recollecting and longing for the happiness I have enjoyed. The memories are reassuring and invigorating. In between, preparing for my Sunday morning, I was playfully engaging with our dogs pausing to recollect when they were puppies. Now 10 and 3, I was curious why time seems to travel so fast sneaking little sips of my coffee before the sun boldly pronounced the day.

I was thinking about the many great cups of coffee I have enjoyed and the many sun rises I have witnessed some brighter than others. I was reflecting back about my life, my career and my family (not necessarily in that order but flooded with memories.) WOW–what a life I have lived-ne? I am natsukashii.

I am so very grateful to have travelled to many places and met some extraordinary people. My favorite humans are the ordinary people less known and often more filled with humility and compassion. I am thinking about the transformation of my own life some experiences simple and others so complex. I was reflecting on just how many times Creator called me during the past few years always insisting I give my very best talents and skills sometimes not appreciated but often somehow connected.

I was reflecting on how God’s ultimate plan seems to be for me to transform my heart in genuine service to others. I was recollecting that sometimes I was fully ready and other times overwhelmed.

I am natsukashii- most especially for the little things that bring me such joy–most especially my three sons Gabriel, Samuel and Elijah, my 90 year old mom Shizue, my two pups Yoshitsune and George, all of my siblings Helen, Stuart, Richard, Linda and Patricia. I am delighting in being an Auntie to all my nieces and nephews Christine, Nelson, Andrew, Phillip, Catherine, Jacob, David, Lincoln and all of my many great nieces and nephews-all academically accomplished and yet the most important treasure (to me) is that they are kind human beings.

I am also reflecting after my second cup of joe about all of the many amazing friends I have met all over the WORLD and looking forward to new flavors of coffee and tea so I can enjoy more moments of natsukashii. I am recollecting some of the most amazing culinary delights I enjoyed presented in many fragrant scents and beautiful languages–anticipating there is so much more to taste–is there not?

I am reflecting about the many amazing people I have met from so many diverse faith perspectives who willingly shared their poetry, art song and dance and looking forward to learning more.

I am thinking of my sister who died at such a young age and my father and all of my ancestors and extended family including Atwai (deceased) Charlotte Pitt, Atwai Ron Mehl and Atwai Richard Twiss whose advice taught me to laugh and fully appreciate life–every single moment.

This morning, I am feeling natsukashii.
 Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato

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