Opening my heart and evolving my faith


I love this photo–it so reminds me of me in my spiritual walk which is so dichotomous. Sometimes I am so serious and oft-times I am filled with joy.

Growing up a Buddhist, I memorized and chanted all of the critical scriptures but discovered through research that women were thought to never be able to achieve the level of enlightenment of men–hah I challenged those assumptions.

As a lover of the Jesus-way (as Indigenous/Native people refer to Christianity) simply memorizing passages of the Gospel or obeying the commandments was/is not enough. There has to be more to our spiritual growth than chanting, or memorizing or obeying the proclamations of men who stand in judgement of others on television pulpits.

I love this photo because for me–spirituality and faith are strengthened by me challenging ME– to be the kindest-most compassionate-loving human being I can be.

It’s not easy– because I am very human, I make mistakes, sometimes I laugh too much, sometimes I become angry at the sight of injustice and sometimes I am just plain narrow in my thinking.

So each and every day, I challenge myself to open up my eyes, open my mind and open my heart to new information, diverse information and challenging information to help me consider and reconsider my own truth to embrace a larger more important truth about humanity that is so critical to the survival of this beautiful planet and all of her amazing sentient beings.

I rejoice in this (prayerfully) continually evolving process. Love to all, #risetoexcellence <3 Rising Sun

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