We humans have such peculiar habits and traditions. Loved ones gift us outrageous china to celebrate our wedding nuptials or send us beautiful linens to congratulate our anniversary and we store them away. Our children buy us way too expensive gifts on our birthday sometimes proudly with their first paycheck and we put the present on a high self out of reach. Our young husbands (well at least for me) blow their entire paycheck on a perfume to exemplify his/her love and where do we put it? We put it important stuff away. Why do we hide things away?
I have the habit of tucking away gifts of tremendous monetary or sentimental value–but I don’t get this behavior. Why do we hide away what we treasure? One can frequent estate sales, weekend garage sales or even the “Goody Will” as my ex-husbands’ grandmother used to call it and find these treasures dusty, unused and forgotten.
Anyone who knows me well, understands how much my sons mean to me. Over the years, my three boys have purchased me Coach Athletic Shoes, beautiful handmade earrings, expensive Coach Purses and fun coffee cups they find during their academic and life adventures (I really like coffee by the way.) Each time one of my sons arrives home to visit they will ask “Mom do you use that purse I bought you?” They will smile but look just a little bit disappointed when I tell them how much I treasure the gift and I do not want to ruin it. I also do not want to be brash and rock a five hundred dollar Coach bag on the Reservation when people are having a tough time making the light bill—it seems like bragging. After-all, people do not know that my sons saved and pooled their hard-earned funds to gift me the special purse. Sometimes gifts are not practical, they are given in love and honor of the person receiving the gift. What are we saying when we do not use the gifts we are given?
I am a little odd anyway—I tend to treasure things that may not have any really monetary value like pictures my sons have created, a special coffee cup a friend as given. I tuck away artwork that I value and do not want to get dusty or soiled. I treasure each and every gift given to me in genuine love and joy. My Coach running shoes sat on the upper corner of my closet for five years until one day when all of my cheap everyday shoes had worn out and I needed something to wear–I rocked the shoes carefully uncovering the paper wrapped around them. Those shoes were the most comfortable pair I had ever owned and– I wore them every day.
This morning I woke up and I could not find a clean coffee cup. I realized I set the dishwasher to clean last night and forgot to push the button. I looked at the coffee cup collection I had amassed and laughed. I said to myself “Oh Elizabeth—it is time to use the fine china.” While I have never owned expensive fine china or impossibly costly crystal—I often witness how friends and family stock up these beautiful treasures and put them away –safe— only to be used on special occasions. Why not use your fine china today?
Life is a special occasion. Today is a special occasion. Using with joy what is gifted to you is a special occasion. Today– I will use (for me) what is fine china. I rinsed the coffee cup my son purchased for me when he traveled to Canada. I am now enjoying every sip of this delicious coffee of awareness as I pen this encouragement to you.
Tomorrow is promised to no one, as my son’s great Grandma Ruby Garnet Bagley Kent used to say to me. She used her fine china every single day most especially when she would prepare elaborate meals for those she loved. Beloved–It is time to rock those special earrings, adorn that fragrant perfume and sip from the delicious cup of life—today, use what you treasure and enjoy your life well lived.
Always in love,
Rising Sun
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