Funny but very true story. I was enjoying some fabulous sleep this morning I was tuckered out from an intense work week and then rushing to the Sisters Rodeo. In fact, I still have rodeo dust in my nostrils and hair. I vaguely remember my son Samuel saying goodbye this morning as he left for work at 6am. Sometimes Yoshistune and George will stir and that will interrupt my sleep but I was tucked in and dreaming away.

I had the very best dream ever. It was some GOOD sleep, you know the kind where you are snoring and drooling at the same time? Well I was blowing up the covers dreaming about what appeared to be my future husband. Yee haw, he was very handsome and very tall. He was making me laugh, we had horses and land near water. I was in heaven because he was not only nice to look at but I could tell from his eyes he was very kind and loving. My hair had grown very long and the wind was blowing gently, the day was sunny and I swear we must have had at least 7 dogs. I had finally reached a healthy body size and I was wearing jeans—can you believe it—me and jeans! He had his arm around me and pulled me close to him telling me how much he loved me and I was the happiest I had even been in my life—in that moment I was filled with joy and peace.

Then the doorbell rang.

I kid you not. In the distance the noise of the dogs barking pulled me away from my moment of joy and peace, I struggled to stay fully in the dream but to no avail my dream dissipated as I tried to revive my senses back to the “real world.”

I stumbled to the front door and sure enough it was Jehovah Witnesses bringing me “the good news.” I wanted to invite them in to describe in detail my dream especially the parts where you do not disclose on Facebook but I decided to be nice. Instead I thanked them for their brief visit and tried to go back to sleep. To no avail–the pups were ready for their morning breakfast and the dream was lost.

In that moment I heard Creator say to me “Beloved–trust in me and continue to do good; Dwell in the land I have sent you to cultivate hope and faithfulness. Delight yourself in all of the beauty I have shown you even with those who reject and hurt you. Love the ones I love and I will give you the desires of your heart.”

I wept with such joy.

What was I dreaming about? Was Creator the handsome young gentleman in the flesh or is the love and peace I felt in that moment–possible? The truth (for me) is I do not live for what Creator can do for me although the thought that God will someday provide for me even what is seemingly impossible quickens my heart. The truth is– I live to serve—I always have and it is not easy serving when you are (always) considered an outsider. no matter the social, cultural or economic context. I am grateful for the nudging of the great spirit in quiet moments of prayer or in dreams so vivid and powerful. I do not own fancy things or enjoy the riches of kings but I have the ability to make a positive impact to me that is wealth beyond compare. I have the honor of raising three absolutely amazing sons, I have two eyes (although bifocals are needed desperately) to see the beautiful land God has provided for us to enjoy and the beautiful sentient beings we call animals. I get to hear the magnificent chorus of the winged ones who announce and delight for each sunrise. I get to receive the scent of nature whether sweet grass, sage or violets. I get to climb and journey beautiful landscapes despite slowing with age and I have an amazing family who loves and believes in me even when I fatigue from this calling on my life. I am plenty exhausted these days.

I am grateful for the dreams God gives me. It is important to dream. Dreams are a gift from God. I have always been a vivid dreamer. Dreams are an important mechanism for me to hope, Dreams guide me and open my heart up to a world I would not otherwise explore. Dreams tell me when to be careful and sometimes dreams are a reflective mirror for me to see—a time for me to reflect on something I need to be aware of or change.

Dreams and beliefs about dreams differ significantly across cultures. In certain societies, dreams are generally dismissed as unreal figments of imagination irrelevant to the concerns of day-to-day life. In some cultures people consider dreams critical sources of information-about the future, about the spiritual world, or about oneself. Cultures in which dreams are taken seriously accumulate a depth of observation and understanding of their dreams, so their beliefs may be of value to understand dreaming. Experts contend that how dreams are dealt with in different cultures may be examined from four perspectives: (1) beliefs people hold about the nature of dreaming; (2) conventional systems by which people interpret particular dreams; (3) the social context in which dreams are shared (or not shared) and (4) the ways in which dreams are used in practice, especially in curing or healing.

Last year a very dear friend of mine passed away, It was unexpected and way too soon. I wanted to write a book about her life—better yet I wanted to create a screen play worthy of the many stories she shared with me. I was devastated. It was through dreams she reassured me that all was not lost and that my engagement with her was just that—a time special for me. She taught me through dreams that not every single engagement I had with people had to be magnified or pronounced—even if I was thrilled about the blessing. She reassured me that she there just for me, to love me, to support me and to let me know that yes—even when life is tough and one endures all kinds of injustice—one can recover, heal and become strong to continue to help and love people Her life was all about loving people. I am so grateful that she allowed me to heal by her visits and our conversations in my dreams.

The truth is–my dreams remind me that I have lived a remarkable life, met amazing beings that most people never get an opportunity to know. I have enjoyed some incredible experiences and faced some painful heartache but I remain strong, hopeful and committed because of my dreams that remind me that the universe is so much larger and more significant than my individual existence but that my individual existence is also vital and that I can still (daily) contribute a great deal to the future trajectory of our communities and our planet.

I do not know if I will ever experience the kind of genuine love and joy I felt early this morning in a dream but this I know for certain—I am grateful for the life I have been given, I am humbled by the challenges I have overcome and I look forward to doing all can with what little time I have left to do all I can to make this a better world,. I also look forward to dreaming. Yes indeed–it keeps me hopeful. Can’t wait to get some shut eye tonight.

Sleep and dream well my friends. Love to all.

Always and forever,  (c) Elizabeth Asahi “Rising Sun” Sato

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