The blessings of knowing your purpose


For nearly three decades– I grew up, walked, meditated and learned Buddhist teaching. I studied the Lotus Sutra and renounced any connection with Christians, Christianity or the interpretation of the Gospels through mankind most especially because of the horrific historic and societal oppression that traumatized so many cultures and communities.

Then in my thirties–I had a transformative experience–most of my friends thought–“goodness gracious–not her–its impossible–she is too radical” some thought– or “too intellectual” to accept such simplistic teachings. The truth is– This transformative moment was inexplicable–it was profound, enlightening, confusing and has been tough. This balance of good and evil, joy and misery, right and wrong, healthy and unhealthy–is like walking on a tightrope suspended above the clouds–but I know confidently who will catch me each and every time I slip and fall. It is this magnificent energy, this peace-filled boundless spirit that encourages me to love the unlovable, serve the ungrateful and forgive some of the most unforgiving human beings on the planet.

It is this God, this Creator–this peace that ignites my soul, engages my spirit and fortifies my heart to be the best human being I can be.–each and every day. I know there are days I fall short–I know there are days I become weary–but I am so very grateful each and every morning that I have an opportunity to listen to Pastor Ron Mehl who is now deceased. His words live on forever because they are filled with love and truth. Dr. Mehl’s words are so simple and kind but so encouraging. I am grateful that I also have the words of Rosa Parks who I dined with, laughed with and prayed with–she encouraged me never to lose my faith or my joy, I am grateful for the encouragement of Maya Angelou who hugged me and encouraged me to write and to have faith in the gifts God provided, I am grateful for the gentleman known as General Norman Schwarzkopf who took the time to pray with me as a believer when I was going through a divorce to give me the encouragement and confidence I could raise my sons to become good-strong-kind men, I am grateful for the time I met the amazing Coretta Scott King who told me I was beautiful and special–all of these individuals who have known the blessings of something greater than our individuals selves– remind me that my life does serve a purpose greater than my own individual self interests. Increasingly, I am confident that my life’s purpose is to be encouraging, to be loving and to be forgiving–to share all of the many things I cannot truly do in my own strength or the compassion I rarely receive in return–I willingly and without reservation share all that I have, all that I know and all that I am or will become with genuine love.

Many blessings to all who have taken the time to read this,

Elizabeth–the Rising Sun

(c) Artwork by the amazing Aaron Paquette, Metis artist and leader. He is my favorite artist.

I love my friends and family so very much. This is a little something I learned this morning and am reflecting upon this weekend of restoration.

The Blessings of God/Creator (Atwai–deceased) Pastor (Dr.) Ron Mehl,  Heart of the Word

You can follow his teachings here:

Blessings come when you look in the right place

  • Blessings come from God/Creator
  • When God blesses your life you mature/grow and then Creator (oddly enough) requires more of you and the more that is required of you–the more you grow and are blessed. Does that seem crazy or what–it is so true.
  • God fixes our mistakes, comes after us to clean up and restore to help us and others grow
  • Blessings come to those who respect and honor God/Creator

Blessings come when you renounce all sense of pride

  • The flesh/human nature loves to be praised-to be full of oneself
  • Do not rely upon yourself but focus on God/Creator
  • Real blessings glorifies God –does not misrepresent Creators heart and hope for this world.
  • Do not look to the world. The world praises you one day and condemns you the next do not look to people for affirmation, look to God
  • a Godly person is extremely humble and gives God/Creator the credit

Blessings come when you live for others

  • a Godly person is extremely humble and gives God/Creator the credit
  • “My soul is as a weaned child”—grow up, mature and move in the confidence of God provides in his word– not your own capabilities
  • Talk about the blessings of God/Creator and be concerned about others in a good way. It is true what you focus on, what you speak become a part of who you are. Relinquish gossip, jealousy and slander–focus on working on you.
  • Consider your family, live for others, a person who is extremely kind and compassionate is thoughtful of others
  • When it is dark it is Creator who will turn the light on for the person who is blessed
  • Think about God, God’s heart and Creators joy for you and care for your family
  • In terms of your finances/material possessions, be a lender and consider others who need help–give without expectation or too much attached to generosity.
  • Be compassionate, be kind and be generous, steadfast and sure
  • You will become a great person of influence—witness to a world if you live genuinely in service to others.

Blessings come when you live humbly

  • We live humbly because we recognize how magnificent God’s grace
  • Real blessing produces righteousness (it is not looks or things or what you produce) but how you are–genuinely
  • Standards do not produces righteousness, righteousness (what God wants for people for this world) produces genuine standards
  • People break their necks to get what God will give them for free. Creator reminds us God wants to freely give to us (security, comfort, satisfaction) Live and walk humbly and Creator will bestow upon you great blessings
  • It is a privilege to serve God

Important things to do each day for those who are continually blessed: (Good reminders)

#1 Praise Creator for what he has done: think back at what God has done for you, count your blessings with joy and thanksgiving (I like to sing every day my gratitude.) Being grateful brings many more blessings.

#2 Praise God for what he offers: convictions (to guide us), wonderful relationships, security to our lives, direction, kindness, steadfastness to our lives, influence in our lives—people are affected and impacted by your life.

#3 Praise God/Creator for what God is doing now: God is doing something today, you might not see it–do not wait until tomorrow. God’s blessing is always sure and will affect many generations.

#4 Praise God for what God will do in the future: God will work out every single situation. He will satisfy and arrange everything in your future. Your happiness and joy remains in Jesus example, some who call him Christ or with indigenous people the indigenous man who loved God and or to walk the Jesus way. Do not be preoccupied with what the world has done or is doing. Be happy with where you are at now and what you have—the happiness of our life depends upon our active relationship with God. Even if you were materially poor and lived in a deserted land—your joy and peace comes from something so magnificent, unseen and remarkable –so all else is blessing. Be at peace and receive with joy the simple things of God. Let us understand fully that the blessings we enjoy come from God/Creator/Universe.

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