This week has been a real “eye-opener” for me. As the gray hairs proliferate my head, I am beginning to not only see a great deal more than I did when I was young and passionate about the world—I am beginning to discern a great deal more about human nature. The parables of our elders are very informative especially when instructing us about seeing people for who they really are. I tend to see people from my heart and not my spirit which Creator is quickly fortifying in these past few months. I am learning that all that glitters is truly not gold and those who insist on inserting themselves continually in the “limelight” of power or fame truly do not have a heart for the people. I am learning that ego and “being right” is more important to some than being open and yielding to a collaborative leadership style that may best serve our broken communities and our crippled world. I am learning that those who speak the most about respecting the elders and the traditions that once fortified communities, tribes and nations in centuries past could care less about what the wisdom of the elders offer for current complications and present-day maladies. I have learned that those who boast continually about themselves or promote their agenda will ultimately be humbled by life’s circumstance. Real humility is quiet and almost unrecognizable unless you look for it thoughtfully using your spiritual lens. I am discovering it is the leaders who resist self –promotion and who honor those who do the work day in and day, that will be successful in way’s not defined by arrogant “man.” I am realizing that those who are truly humble and are passionate about leading without constant reward or recognition who will ultimately enable healthy and proactive change for the greater good. Talk is cheap.

Rising Sun

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