Winning the Lottery


Published online January 9, 2016

Good morning beautiful colleagues: Good Lord– it has been a busy, full, intense week–I am exhausted but have lots to do for the weekend like pay bills, clean the house, walk the dogs, catch up on all of the many things I cannot get to during the work week. Would love to go see a movie.

First– I am going to enjoy my coffee and catch up with my friends on FB and Linked-In. Sometimes my schedule does not allow me that privilege. I was procrastinating in bed at 5am (pups always wake you up the same time every day) reflecting about my life.

While it is true– my days are very full and every single day brings important challenges— what an absolute blessing to be able to serve people, care for animals and do my small part to (prayerfully) make the world a better place. Yes–I too dream about winning the lottery, (wouldn’t that be nice) especially to be able to create much needed support systems for healthier communities. How I would love to be able to pay off my graduate school loans without worry. I would love to travel the world with my sons but the odds are my life will be just as it is– filled with busy, full intense weeks of serving and loving people.

Truth is–I believe I already won the lottery. I have the opportunity to watch my three sons mature in to the incredible gentlemen God intends, I still get to call and visit with my beautiful mommy and I have 5 (living siblings) who share their children and grandchildren. I am indeed blessed immeasurably.

What’s to complain about? Going to finish this cup of fragrant Joe and head out to pick up a week’s worth of frozen dog poop in 20 degree light snow so the pups can run and play freely. I smile and laugh a lot about the simple pleasures of loving sentient beings. They probably need a bath and I am certain I need to vacuum.

Yes—there is always a lot to do! I have no idea what tomorrow brings because tomorrow is promised to no one but for today I am going to enjoy and appreciate my life. Have a beautiful Saturday colleagues– enjoy your day. Embrace your calling. I have a feeling if you really think about it—you will feel like you have won the lottery too.

Much love,

Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato



(c) Elizabeth Asahi Sato, Rise to Excellence


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