Think-Pray and Respond for the World

The World

November 15, 2015

The people of the world must research, contemplate in prayer/meditation and embrace fully– our collective ability to change the trajectory of our actions and our impact on our planet.

First–we must stop, turn off the phones and media and stop allowing ourselves to be force fed what we should think and believe. We must utilize our own brains and our own hearts to preserve humanity for our children and grandchildren.

The amazing people in the community I live and serve, the people of the many nations where Native and Indigenous people live, the people of Oregon and Washington where I call home, the people of the United States of America, the people of France, Japan, Kenya, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, Russia, UK, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Honduras, Mexico—- the people of the world must stop, truly STOP during this time of significant tragedy, environmental decline, cataclysmic events and snowballing conflict and……THINK.

We must all research the historic facts, contemplate the actions of leaders past and present and embrace our collective capability, voice and power. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

All of these horrific events did not just happen overnight. The world is where it is because those who have been elected in to power or those who have seized power choose self-serving agendas over genuinely dedicating themselves and the privilege of leadership to the platform of the people–all people.

The devastation in France, Kenya or the Middle East did not occur by happenstance, there are a series of events that occurred in the distant and recent past that ignited this hell storm of violence. This is– in effect, history repeating itself over and over again because we, as a human race continue to do things the way we have always done things and that is through aggression, contrived conflict and war. How many innocent lives must be lost, how many of our sons and daughters must be slaughtered in the name of democracy or manifest destiny before we, the people of the world WAKE UP.

The blood bath will not end until every single eye is claimed for an eye in the name of gods or a God so carelessly represented by condemning words and violent actions. Who created the monsters and why? The very monsters that prey on the innocent girls of the world–now irreversibly damaged from rape/torture, the monsters that recruit and indoctrinate the young men who can barely hold AK-47’s but spray them without consequence, the young-poor-bitter recruits from all over the world who have lost their conscience or may have never fully developed one –do not stop and think about what they are doing and why–this is more dangerous than we can imagine because it will not stop with bombing raids. Injustice perpetuates bitterness, hatred begets retaliation and violence begets more violence. These people, we call monsters– once very human (at birth) do what they do because they believe what they were fed. They were created-manufactured-armed-trained-fueled by the very leaders who we entrust our resources, our children and our future, This is not just the responsibility of the USA but many nations who claim power, take resources and mistreat those who feel powerless. We must stop and think about the facts–not just what we feel in a moment of sadness or outrage.

Do we have a future for our children and grandchildren beloved citizens of the USA? Do we have a future for our children and grandchildren beloved people of the world? Not much of one–I fear–if we do not take the time to truly do the research, look at historical fact, examine the current trend of “control” on how we are being fed information, question the strategy of our leaders and raise up as a collective voice for humanity. Without the voice of the people–humanity will indeed be eradicated in our lifetime.

Raise up amazing people of the world–you have the power, you have the capability, you have the wisdom to influence and change our future. ‪#‎risetoexcellence‬. Rise to the level of excellence we are ALL capable. It starts exactly where you are at, in the community you call home. Humanity has the power to reverberate profoundly and quickly if synchronized in unison.

Thoughtfully and lovingly–always, Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato.


(c) Rise to Excellence, Elizabeth Sato

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