The Power of Words


Published Linked-In December 11, 2015

I am reminded this morning—that our words, the words we speak and the words we write are very impactful. What we say to one another, what we write to one another can breathe life or breathe destruction whether we intend it or not.

I have been contemplating how fallible I have been no matter how well intentioned. Yes I am human but –I am also responsible for my words. I must thoughtfully choose what I say, what I write and what I pray because my words impact the lives of others. It is my heart’s desire to write words of encouragement, speak words of love and to pray words that will soar with the eagles to reach Creator. I feel deeply in my soul the spirit of the one who aches for our world, the one who intercedes in the spiritual realm for each of us to be and to become the very best we can be.

The choice of our words–is ours and ours alone. We have a choice.

The fascinating thing about words is how powerfully they resonate and reverberate. What we articulate to one another and even to ourselves will rule our thoughts and our direction. Last night a dear friend reminded me to speak words of love to myself. She implored me to quit being so hypercritical and to breathe words of healing to myself. At first, I thought how silly—how can words I think or words I say really impact who I am or who I become? I am understanding beloved friends that my own words can imprison me at times, my own words restrict me from becoming the very best person I can be.

The words I speak and the words spoken to me have at times influenced the direction of my life. Whether words are seeded by a parent, a coach or even an employer the words spoken to us and the words we speak to others will deeply impact the human spirit. We have a choice every single day . We can speak and write words of life. We can chose to encourage and edify one another or we can choose to hurt or destroy one another.

Yup—with just words.

Words can be weapons of destruction. I think of the words carelessly spewed at me when I was much younger. Harmful words hurled at me like mud because I was different. Words aimed at demeaning the color of my skin or diminishing my gender. Negative words weighed me down. Words impacted my self-esteem or like most young girls delayed my decision to venture in to a field of study or a focus that I truly wanted to pursue. I recall how teachers would say “you will never get in to a good school” because they did not see beyond my socioeconomic circumstances or well-intentioned mentors would warn “you can only achieve so much” because they themselves did not believe our gender could persevere beyond glass ceilings. Words—powerful aren’t they? We know now how ridiculous some of these words sound today but those very words can distract, delay or destroy a life–or a generation of lives. Choose wisely.

What I want to promote are words of encouragement. Words that gave me super powers as a little girl or words that made me feel invincible to any weapon of words aimed at crippling me as I developed in to the person I am continually becoming. Powerful edifying words spoken to me by my mother Shizue or my grandmother Ruby. Words lovingly articulated to help me believe I could pursue anything and everything if I remained focused and hopeful. These women reminded me often that I have the potential, I have the capability to achieve great things but I must equally strive to be a good person –to balance ambition with compassion. I am grateful they reminded me to care about and to love others. It is tough to stay focused when you are constantly barraged with words.

Words can rip you apart or heal you. I have felt the sting of words and the restoration of words. I have been the perpetuator of careless words and the author of edifying words. It all rests within each of us to choose. I choose from this day forward to be mindful of my words.

I am discovering that the words we say—what we speak reveal the type of person we truly are. Seeing people for who they really are can be painful– especially if you care about that person. I always wondered why I despised gossip so much. I think it is because most words spoken in gossip or even through gossip mechanisms like social media manifest in ways that are so incredibly destructive. I have read words written that were completely untruthful snowballing in to campaigns of annihilation showcased as truth but created purely in fiction. I often wonder what is in the heart of the person who spews words of hate, mistruth or destruction. What words multiply within their soul like a cancer ready to devour them and others?

Children in our community hear those words, children in our nation are impacted by such destructive words—some children in our world have harmed themselves and or have taken their life—simply because of words. Words can wound and words can destroy. What words will you choose today? What words will I choose today?

I want to remind me and to encourage you to use your words with great care. Your words are a gift. Let your voice and your words envelop others with compassion and healing. Let your words empower and encourage. Let your words be forgiving and kind. It is not silly or weak or corny to be positive—it is perhaps the only way we will be able to climb out of this cesspool of words created to enslave us to violence and destruction.

Our words have incredible impact. Our words are powerful. Our words can be restorative.

My prayer today is Creator breathe on me–holy spirit shower me words of life. Breathe on me and those who read these words today with words of hope, words of love, words of compassion–words of forgiveness. I want to sing a song of gratitude for what you put on my heart to share with others.

These are your words Creator– not mine. Let them bring encouragement, healing and hope. “May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14

Let us all rise to the level of excellence we are all so very capable.
With genuine love–always,
Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato




(c) Elizabeth Asahi Sato, Rise to Excellence


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