Never ever let anyone steal you joy


Written and published December 6, 2015

I woke up this morning recalling the time I had a private dinner and meeting with Ms. Rosa Parks. It was like yesterday seeing her smile, her beauty, her strength, her courage but most of all–experiencing her LOVE remains vivid in my heart.

We discussed many things, mostly our faith–which was very important to Ms. Parks and very new to me. The one thing that echos so powerfully in my memory is Ms. Parks saying “sweetheart, never ever let anyone steal your joy” as she held both my hands in hers. It’s as if she passed a baton to me to pass on to others.

Rosa Parks reminded me through her memory this morning of her legacy. You, me–we have more power than we believe we have. The truth is even very positive, very strong women like me have their moments and this week–I have been challenged with maintaining “my joy.”

I am coming to understand circumstances can rob you of your peace, people can diminish your hope–but no one can ever take from you what is rightly yours–your JOY. Hang on to it– BELOVED, don’t allow your joy to be given away, do not let your joy be taken from you, never ever let your joy be crushed–it is yours and your alone. EMBRACE IT FULLY!

My gift to you this morning is what Rosa passed on to me. Never let anyone steal your joy.

In her loving memory and in love and JOY–always, Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato


(c) Elizabeth Asahi Sato, Rise to Excellence

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