Grateful–Every Day is a Good Day

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Published November 26, 2015, Linked-In


Every single day is a “good day” to me, tomorrow is promised to no one so I tend to live every day with deep appreciation.

I am very grateful for my life. I am very fortunate to still have my 89 year old mother to enjoy and 3 loving sons who have become incredible gentlemen. I am grateful for 6 exceptional brothers and sisters who are kind compassionate human beings. I am thankful for 8 accomplished nieces and nephews–two who now have 5 little ones to enjoy.

I love my work and I am honored to serve the community of Warm Springs and her beautiful people. I am thankful I have overcome tremendous odds in my life and outlived predictions of naysayers. I appreciate the experience of giving birth three times even when the experts said impossible and I am humbled–I have persevered through the worst of economic times. Every single day of my life I am grateful.

I am grateful to Creator for trusting me with important “callings” throughout my life to do important work and caring for people in diverse communities, from all kinds of backgrounds. I am thankful for the opportunity of loving the least of these and leading with the privileged who can learn so much from people who have so little.

I am appreciative of the daily reminder to be a positive and loving person so that I can ultimately become the best human being–I can be. I am grateful that God has always reminded me that the accomplishments, accolades, degrees and the expertise means absolutely nothing without the balance of heart and compassion.

I am so appreciative for the many amazing people I have met in my life including all of you! Thank you for being a part of my life.

During this time of reflection, family, good food and friends let us take time to also remember those who are alone, who have no food and who seek mercy and compassion. Let us seek Creator’s encouragement on how best to serve others throughout our life.

I leave you today with my most favorite video. David Steindl-Rast OSB is a Catholic Benedictine monk, notable for his active participation in interfaith dialogue and his work on the interaction between spirituality and science. With his kind observation about life I am reminded every single day I am alive is a “good day.” Let the gratefulness overflow in to blessing all around you.

Much love, Rising Sun

(c) Elizabeth Asahi Sato, Rise to Excellence

Please take a moment to view this amazing video:

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