Centering with Prayer


A morning centered with prayer and meditation brings great peace and clear focus.

I am exhausted this morning from three late nights of community budget meetings but at peace. I am headed out the door for another day of work but feel compelled to share what is on my heart.

This process of community engagement is critical to the involvement and inclusion of the very people we serve. This process is an important standard for our Tribal community and many Native/Indigenous communities throughout our world. I often wonder how much more responsive our United States government would be if the elected representatives would be required to present the budget and strategic plan directly to the community most especially our elders.  It is an important process but an article for another day. I am honored and grateful to be utilized in a positive and proactive way every day of my life but I am also very human.

When I am physically exhausted, prayer and worship helps me tremendously.

Worship changes my focus from me/my worries to Creator and a much larger–more global perspective. Prayer and worship keeps my heart concentrated on all of the many people that God has placed in my life to serve and care for–I am grateful for the daily realignment to what is truly important. I have learned many prayers throughout my life in different languages. Often, when I have a long drive to a meeting or an event–I will utilize the time to sing. I love to sing–it is so freeing to my soul. I even sing when I am troubled or hopeful for significant change to serve the greater good of our community, our nation and our world. I recall singing a solo many moons ago to open a gathering of the National Council of Churches and Church World Service, a relief and development organization. I was the Associate Regional Director and the Director of the Portland Office at the time. I used to travel from community to community in the Pacific Northwest raising awareness and coordinating events to raise funding support to address hunger, poverty, homelessness and the many real-life issues that impact the lives of people–good people who hope for a better day. Singing and worshiping reminded me during the long drives where to keep my focus and how to reposition my worry for so many who were suffering.

If I recall correctly, the song went something like this  “Let my prayers rise before you as incense– the lifting  up of my voice be a holy sacrifice.” Our genuine prayers and worship are like a pleasing incense to Creator. Let your heart and spirit soar in alignment with a peace that truly passes all understanding.  May your day be filled with prayer and song. May your heart be encouraged with the knowledge that our collective prayers truly make a difference.

With genuine love and encouragement,

Elizabeth Asahi “Rising Sun” Sato

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