Straight out of Real Life

Truth is Powerful

I really understand and support every human being’s right to earn a living especially if that wealth is earned legally and ethically. Kudos to entrepreneurs and artists earning some serious paper off “Straight Outta Compton.” Right on—these gentlemen persevered through industry roadblocks to make their own movie about their own lives. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if we could tell the stories of amazing people who persevered without recognition to set an example for our children’s children and many generations?

Truth is–there are plenty of stories that never get written and I wonder why?

There are plenty of unknown African American leaders, African-American artists and every-day African American people who are holding it down day in and day out, whose personal life story is much more compelling than Ice Cube and Dr. Dre–can I get a witness? There are plenty of amazing biographies, documentaries and history lessons we can write about family holding it together despite the challenges and right smack in the face of tremendous adversity. Any industry producers care to advance me on the scripts? Perhaps Ice Cube will step up and join me in producing these films.

I propose “Straight out of Law School, Straight out of Medical School, Straight out of Engineering School, Straight out of the Marines, Straight out of decades of Successful Marriage and Parenting, Straight out of Successful Grand parenting/mentoring many generations, Straight out of Seminary–I can go on and on–anyone care to add to the list? I will write every last one as well as the legacy (prayerfully) of my three sons who I believe will contribute to the greater good without a bunch of hoopla.

My beloved Grandmother and my sons’ great grandmother Ruby Garnet Bagley Kent used to say “honey you can’t teach a fool nothing–truth is powerful and it prevails.” I think she may have borrowed a part of that from Sojourner Truth but our Grandma lived it as her own.

Miss you so much Grandma Ruby and all of the other elders who lived their truth without recognition or financial benefit. It was just the right thing to do.

Elizabeth Asahi Rising Sun Sato (Kent) straight outta real life on the Rez, where folks are rising to excellence 24/7/365


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